freshly caught trout is excellent eating

Fishing has been an integral part of the culture of human beings for thousands of years. As natural hunters, we’ve relied on the ability to catch fish for the sake of our existence. Today, fishing is a fun hobby or sport, but it’s still a great way to provide your own food. Since fish tastes much better when fresh instead of frozen, eating freshly caught fish on a weekly basis is a great idea. Besides the factor of taste, fishing as a sport comes with many benefits, such as improving your health both mentally and physically. It’s also a great way to bond and socialize with others, whether it’s with new or old friends. If you’ve never fished before, perhaps these reasons will persuade you into purchasing some fishing gear!

One of the best reasons to go fishing every week is to experience the outdoors. Some of the best areas for fishing are also some of the most naturally beautiful landscapes. Imagine fishing for your own food whilst looking over a sparkling lake with a backdrop of rolling hills, flocks of birds and other wildlife drifting in and out of your eyesight. Imagine the fresh breeze floating over the water while you smell the plant life and fresh air. For example, Lizard Island in Australia is a beautiful drop of land surrounded by crisp, blue ocean water. Imagine the salt water air filling your lungs as you real in exotic ocean fish. Worden’s Pond in Rhode Island, U.S.A is home to a 1000-acre lake weaving through tall grassland. You can lounge in a small boat all day, while waiting for a bite from a freshwater fish.
While enjoying the outdoors, it’s also important to relish in relaxing moments while fishing. Fishing requires a lot of patience and calm behavior. A fisher must keep quiet and almost entirely still to avoid scaring away their prey. A fisher must practice breathing slowly and moving softly. He or she must also be prepared to move at a moment’s notice because a fish can bite their lure at any time. In fact, the behavior of a fisherman or woman is very similar to meditation! Fishing on a weekly basis is important because it offers the opportunity to relax and think on life. Fishing is a time of peace and serenity, and it may even help you in times of stress. Soft breezes, cool temperatures and the sounds of moving water are all key components to this time of relaxation and meditation. You certainly can’t find that indoors!
Fishing, as a sport, is a great opportunity for bonding with family or friends. While it’s peaceful to fish alone, it’s always fun to bring a friend along for an activity you enjoy. Family members are great companions to share a day of fishing with. Many generations within a family tend to teach skills to the younger generations, and fishing is a great family past-time to share among each other. There are many skills involved in fishing that are important to a successful week of bringing home fresh fish. It’s important to learn how to properly prepare a fishing reel with fishing line, a hook and a bobber. It’s also important to know how to bait your hook and what types of bait to use for each type of fish you’re fishing for. Catching and releasing fish is crucial knowledge every fisherman and woman must have, and they must also know how to clean and gut different types of fish. For beginners we would recommend a good baitcasting reel or a spinning reel. Later on you could also transition into fly fishing, which requires a little more skill but is also much more rewarding. Fishing, whether for food or pure sport, is a fantastic hobby to share with others because it involves teaching each other many things. Besides learning proper skills for fishing, it’s also fun to take special interest in certain types of fishing and even particular kinds of fish. Turning fishing into a weekly activity will only strengthen your current fishing skills and grow your repertoire of fishing knowledge. Perhaps you may also introduce friends or family that have never fished before to this fun and relaxing sport!

cutthroat trout are great eating
Catching your own fish on a weekly basis ensures that you always know how fresh your fish is, where it’s from, and that it will taste amazing. As opposed to purchasing fish from a grocery store, even fresh, choosing to catch your own fish means you know exactly when that fish was butchered. Why pick from questionable fish filets in the deli aisle when you can catch and cook your own fish in that same day? It’s also relieving to know where exactly your fish came from. Fishing for your own food means you know exactly what body of water your dinner came from. This is particularly important in today’s society because locally caught fish is crucial to the farm-to-table lifestyle, which is very popular. Catching your own fish also guarantees that your food is going to taste great! While you can’t always know what food is ingested by the fish that is bred for commercial sale, you can easily find out what food is being eaten by the fresh fish you catch yourself. Learn about the local area you fish in to discover what types of smaller fish are being caught and digested by the very fish you’re hunting. Even better, you can physically see what your fish has eaten that day when you butcher it before cooking. You really can’t get a more straight-forward answer than that!
While there are many other interesting reasons to fish every week, these are some of the most persuasive reasons to grab your fishing pole and stroll down to your local fishing area. Please, remember to inform yourself of the fishing and hunting laws in the area you live in, and remember to apply for a fishing license, if it’s required.